Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss Benefits and Diet Plan

Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss Benefits and Diet Plan
Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss Benefits and Diet Plan

Today we will discuss type 2 diabetes weight loss benefits and diet plan. There are millions of people with type 2 diabetes and this can be easily avoided.

Having type 2 diabetes means that your pancreas does not product enough insulin. It becomes insulin resistant, insulin is required for the body to manage glucose or blood sugar levels. And these are then converted into energy.

Obesity causes of type 2 diabetes. And studies suggest that losing weight helps to control or minimise type 2 diabetes symptoms.

There are loads of benefits of losing weight, not just type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise will not only help you to control your blood sugar levels but also lowers cholesterol, boost energy, lower high blood pressure and improve heart beats.

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Eating too much also causes weight gain and this is why a healthy diet plan is needed for type 2 diabetic patients.

Regarding diet for type 2 diabetic patients. Ideally you want to have a healthy breakfast that is high in fibre, high in proteins, low in fat and sugar free. You can skip meals to control your weight but never skip breakfast as this is the most important meal of the day. It starts off you daily metabolism.

Avoid white rice and make sure that you eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates. Regarding dairy products, avoid full fat milk, instead opt for the fat free or the 2% fat milk.

Type 2 diabetic patients should do regular cardiovascular exercises in order to produce insulin. And cardio exercises also helps to lose weight. Ideally you want to have between 30 to 60 minutes daily walks 2 times a day. Walking 6 to 8 kilometres a day really helps your body to produce insulin.

And lastly you want to drink 3 litres of water a day. Drinking enough water means maintaining a healthy metabolic rate (the body mechanism that helps to burn calories).

So there you have it! The benefits of losing weight for type 2 diabetes patients. If follow the above diet and exercise plan you will reduce your type 2 diabetes without medicine.

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