Health Surgeon: 99 Healthy Tips for Your Better Wellbeing

Smit Chacha
Smit Chacha


My name is Smit Chacha and I am the author of this bestselling book titled “Health Surgeon: 99 healthy tips for your better wellbeing”.

For the past 10 years I have been testing and researching health and fitness products as a health enthusiast.

I have seen the ups and downs in life. I have been obese and slim. (The cycle continues…)

As a health enthusiast I found myself in a position to tell the world that you definitely do not need to take lifetime medications for your illness (whatever that is…). You can treat your symptoms with diet and other natural resources, such as nutrition and lifestyle changes. This is what I am sharing on this bestselling book.

If you are like me and do not want to take lifetime medical pills. As these only cause long term negative side effect…. Then this book is for You!

Natural, herbal and ayurvedic treatments and cures, works well in treating hundreds of symptoms. And unlike medical pills, these causes zero negative side effects! Nutrition works just like medical pills but with a huge difference.

You see medial prescribed drugs are made from chemicals that can cause many different reactions to a variety of people. Just read the leaflet that comes with your medication.

Natural, herbal and ayurvedic cures and treatments causes zero negative side effects because they unlike medical prescribe drugs, they work with your diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

Our bodies are made in the certain way that whatever we eat or drink will eventually be injected in our bloodstream. Blood vessels will distribute all the healthy and unhealthy nutrients all over our bodies.

I have nothing against medical prescribed drugs. They do work well in treating, curing and managing symptoms. However they are made from harsh chemicals that can react differently to every single individual.

Working with you diet and lifestyle can also improve your health condition. So why risk it, this is the point I want to make! Do not take lifetime medical pills, instead work with your diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

Health Surgeon 99 Healthy Tips for Your Better Wellbeing is teaching exactly that!

With 99 healthy tips in: general health, nutrition, mental health, diet, weight loss, sexual health, men and women issues, beauty, lifestyle and much… much… more….

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