How to Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories
How to Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories

Yes! You can lose weight without counting calories, there is no secret for weight loss all you have to do is exercise. There are many types of exercises you can do in order to lose weight but there are certain types that are specifically made to lose weight fast. Today we are going to discuss exactly that!

It does not matter how much you eat as long as you do regular exercise to burn those calories you are safe. That means you can eat whatever you like as long as you do regular exercise.

The best exercise to boost metabolism is to do cardio. By simply walking 10000 steps you will be burning 661 calories and it takes less than 2 hours to do so. If you cannot afford gym membership you can still do regular walks at your local park or in the streets. Listening to music while doing cardio exercise helps to ease the pain and to kill time.

Pull ups and abs exercise are good to lose weight and to gain muscle but it is very tiring and requires lots of effort, plus I bet that you will give up in just 10 minutes. Therefore my advice is to do regular walks or even better do running and jumping at the same time.

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Dancing is also great to burn fat and its fun, you do not need to be a great dancer as long as you move your arms, legs and hips you are doing exercise.

I have written a detailed article about walking 10000 steps a day and burning 661 calories click the underline link to read and to get my full mathematical report about this.

So there you have it! Do regular exercise and eat as much as you like! Counting calories is a daunting task and lets face it, every time you count calories you are feeling hungrier and stealing a snack or two. This is why I titled this article as how to lose weight without counting calories.

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